wino wednesday

Greetings from DC! I'll be hanging out on the east coast for 18 days, visiting family & friends, attending a ball (fancy pants that I am), and going to my sister-in-law's wedding in Pennsylvania. All of which I am very, very excited about, though I must say that LA has spoiled me. Rain and thunderstorms?! Christ, how do you even dress for that?? I might just have to plant myself at the hotel bar…

…And if I did, I would hope to find a cheap sparkling wine like this here Albero Spanish sparkling wine. I think it was five or six bucks. True, it's no Veuve, but for affordable bubbles it's pretty nice: dry, effervescent, grapefruit flavors (but not like, “ew, Fresca”, more like “ooh Fresca”! Does anyone even drink Fresca anymore? Do they even make it anymore?*)

* A quick wiki search shows that yes, indeed, Fresca is available in 20 countries, and has 7 flavors, including the original. And that in Mexico, they make it using fewer ingredients than the U.S. manufacturers, using real sugar and pink grapefruit juice, instead of brominated vegetable oil and glycerol of ester wood rosin. Whatever the f that is. You're killing us, America. Killing. Us.)

But yeah, so it's really nice. Especially when enjoyed on a regular ol' night. It just elevates the evening. We decided to pop this open at just the right time. You see, I hadn't posted wino wednesday for the past couple weeks. Two weeks ago, my husband's Grandmother passed away, and though I wasn't very close with her, I was so sad and felt guilty that I was over here writing about boozing it up on a weeknight, so I just decided to hold off on posting anything. It didn't feel right. How dare we live it up and indulge in wine, and bubbly wine at that, while a woman's last few moments on earth were spent suffering?

My husband Michael disagreed. He believes that we should celebrate life, and living, even when we lose our loved ones. That we need to do life justice by enjoying it. He is right. I thought it was more respectful to refrain from enjoyment, but really, how better to respect life than to enjoy the frivolous things it has to offer, like wine? So, don't feel like you have to save the Champagne for a “special occassion”. That occassion is right now. Ok, now I'm just blabbing on. Jet lag has kicked in, plus I didn't sleep before my 8 a.m. flight, plus I didn't have coffee. So I'm a little loopy. Off to bed I go so I can get to livin tomorrow. Cheers.



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