simple supper

While I love roasting a bird or crafting a batch of quinoa sliders from scratch, my favorite suppers are the ones that come together rather unintentionally and without fuss. I'm usually pretty good at planning out a dinner menu in advance, but sometimes, like everyone, I get caught up in the day's activities and arrive to dinner time without a clue as to what to eat. Maybe some would freak out at this and order takeout, but for me, I relish it. Game on!


This meal is actually a pretty typical one in my household. A can of garbanzos, leftover pesto, random veggies, salad greens, and eggs. Oh, how I love the egg. (Please forgive me vegan readers as I wax poetic but I just lovelovelove eggs!) They make everything better. Much like Champagne (hey, that's vegan-friendly, right?) I'm thinking eggs are like, the booze of the food world. What ills can't they cure? (that may or may not be a rhetorical question, I leave it to you). To round things out, I toasted some bread and served it with a tray of various spreads: hummus, more pesto, and mashed avocado.

Et voilà, dinner is on the table in mere minutes. And it's GOOOOOOD.

Anyway, hope this inspires you to get in your kitchen and create some grubbing goodness out of nothing! xoCy



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