shrimp al fresca

If you ever find yourself in Silver Spring, MD and rather hungry, head to Adega, a great little resto overlooking an enormous stretch of AstroTurf filled with sunbathers, frisbee-throwing twenty-somethings, scary youths, and friendly families. I know, I can't believe I'm recommending a place that's remotely near youths, but this eatery is totally worth it.
When you get there, see if you can spot the owner, a neurotic-yet-loveable teddy bear of a man named Walter, or the manager, a wee red-headed fellow named Jarrod (but please don't ask him if he's Irish. Though he may look it, he's Lebanese, through and through. He also knows many a Shakespeae soliloquy by heart). Peruse the wine shop, pick up a bottle to enjoy there (or get a glass of one of their featured wines), and order the capellini al fresca. It's tomato and garlic heaven. Simple, fantastic, and delicious.
I used to work at Adega, and this was one of my favorite offerings (and Walter and Jarrod were some of my favorite people!) This was, of course, before I had to go gluten-free, but what I wouldn't give to be able to twirl my fork in that pasta again! Sigh. While reminiscing about that tasty dish, I decided it was high time I do my own version, with my favorite gluten-free spaghetti and some plump, juicy scrimps. I kept the high ratio of garlic the same, sizzling the cloves in olive oil with red pepper flakes and lemon zest. Then, in went the shrimpies, chopped capers and plum tomatoes. Torn basil leaves and a few gratings of parmesan finish it off nicely, as does a light red wine and an even lighter salad. Dinner is served! xoCy



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