chinese carbonara

One of the best things about growing up an American is the variety of foods available. We are so spoiled! In most places in the U.S. you have access to a full range of cuisines – Lebanese, Vietnamese, Armenian, you name it. With an Asian mother and a Southern father, our family dinner table was a food atlas, with grits, meatloaf, gingered shrimp, bok choi, and LOTS OF RICE gracing our plates. Right now I'm reading a book about Tuscan culture, where the natives never vary their cuisine (and why would they? It's delicious!) and it made me appreciate the freedom I have here, with the knowledge – and ingredients – of different types of food at my fingertips. Fusion isn't a fad, it's an American way of life.


Take a classic carbonara: eggs, pancetta, pasta. Some folks like to add a little green in the form of peas, spinach, or broccoli rabe. Now take a classic Chinese fried rice: eggs, char siu (roasted pork), rice. Greens turn up in there, too. Somehow these two dishes are not that far off from each other, though the cultures are worlds apart.* Using both as inspiration, Chinese carbonara was born. And I must say, it's a terrific union.
Know what's also a terrific Italian-Chinese union? My marriage! I've been with my handsome Italian-stallion for 10 years today!
*Example: Italians gesture wildly with their hands, they kiss, make eye contact, make any sort of contact, really. The Chinese avoid showing any sort of emotion at all costs.
The final product: brown rice is a backdrop for scrambled egg, [accidentally burnt] pancetta, broccoli, peas, ginger, garlic, shallots, and a splash of soy sauce. Don't forget the toasted sesame seeds and sriracha!
Fun tid-bit: when I was little, my older cousins wanted to take me out for ice cream. I said I wanted broccoli instead. They wanted to kick me out of the car! What can I say, I was obsessed with broccoli. #somethingsneverchange

My cat Bambino photo bombing!

I hope you like it! xoCy



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