wino wednesday

I have an affinity for all things French. It's no secret that j'adore French macarons, French designers (if only I could afford real Isabel Marant instead of copy-cats! Ouf!), and mostly, French food and culture. Which is one in the same, really.
So it makes total sense that j'adore French wine, as well. Yes, even the cheap stuff, like this $6 bottle featured here. When picking up my usual bottle of cheap French red at Trader J's, a Mommy-with-toddler-in-tow reached for this 2009 Les Portes de Bordeaux.
“How is that one?” I eyed the bottle.
Oh it's great! Perfect everyday wine. I always get this one.”
We then conversed about things of great importance: favorite wines, what we were planning on making for dinner that night, shoes, and her son's preference for roasted almond butter rather than raw. It was all very, very French. Well, with a bit of SoCal thrown in. We parted with a wave and a smile (but sadly no cheek kisses), she taking my wine recommendation, and I taking hers. In fact, after she turned to go, I took one more of her bottles, putting my old standby back on the shelf. After all, Mommy knows best.
The breakdown: I don't really remember! I enjoyed sipping this one so much that I forgot to take notes, drinking the whole bottle in one night (with help from my husband, bien sûr). I didn't even take pictures of the dinner we enjoyed with it! Which was a beautiful spread of cheeses, toasted bread, sliced pears, nuts and roasted asparagus, if you must know. The one thing I do remember is that it reminded me of cherry-flavored cough syrup, or rather, what cough syrup should taste like if they want kids to take their medicine. It had that tame sophistication that all French wines seem to possess, never too bold like their California cousins, whose alcohol tends to overwhelm the fruit. Nice tannin, if that means anything to you, and if it doesn't, it's all good.

In other news, I have started a blog with my hubs, Michael! Scope and Lens. It's a photo diary of all sorts of random things we find fascinating. Please check it out!

And as always, thanks for reading my scrappy lil' blog. Hope you have as much fun reading it as I have writing it! xoCy



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