salmon steaks with odori

Odori is a recent discovery of mine, and safe to say, my latest obsession. Frances Mayes introduced it to me, by way of her book, Bella Tuscany. I came across her recipe for it at just the right time; I was getting hungry but was uninspired by everything in my cooking repertoire. Odori, which translates to “odors, herbs,” was given to her by the grocer to flavor soups and stews, though her husband made the delicious discovery of using it to top pasta and focaccia. It's a combination of finely minced celery, carrots and garlic, sautéed in olive oil, to which you then add little snips of parsley & basil. I thought it would taste amazing served with thick broiled salmon steaks. I was right. Packed with flavor and texture, it instantly adds a little zip to everything, from fish, to chicken, lentils, salads, even eggs! And it's a great way to to load some extra veggies onto your plate. Boo. Ya. For this version, I didn't include the grated parmesan she lists in her recipe, but when making odori for pasta or bruschetta, I definitely make sure to include it. I also found that the addition of a few chopped tomatoes make it look all the more appetizing, and make my tastebuds all the more happy, too! Thank you for sharing, Frances! xoCy




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